Happy Birthday to Booker “Hot Dad” DeWitt
19th April 1874


I’ve reached 30 followers - so I drew you a camp hannibal

Thank you guys so much!

License and registration please.

i usually watch my favorite show that day at around 1 after i finished my lunch. then i take the dog for a walk, groceries and vacuum and then i watch the rest of it. it feels weird if i watch the shows first and then do the rest like

Yeah! It’s like a whole routine. I watch my show when I wake up and am having my coffee and I let myself wake up for a bit and while I’m getting ready. I missed my episodes today because I woke up too late so I’m watching them now and my brain just was like ????

does anyone else only watch certain tv shows at certain times of day? Like, “hey wanna watch hannibal?” “No, it’s daytime.” 


Do you have a shadow, Will?


"separate the art from the artist" works when the artist is dead or otherwise not profiting from the consumption of their work. it does not work in cases like roman polanski’s, woody allen’s, or bryan singer’s because they are all STILL ACTIVE and STILL VICTIMIZING PEOPLE.